Become A Luggie Reseller
If you are an established company with a resell license and have either an online or retail presence we would love to talk to you. Please be aware that we are currently looking for physical retail presence to demo our product line to the customers. Once accepted as an official dealer of Luggie Scooters, your store will be free to sell our entire line of products as long as you adhere to our terms and conditions for your particular sales channel.

Luggie Scooters' mission is to produce quality products that ease the life of ability challenged individuals. We know that our dealer partners are critical to helping spread Luggie Scooters consumer experience around the world. We ask that you invest your time and resources to train knowledgeable staff to ensure compelling in-store experience. In return, we are committed to develop and deliver the most innovative, quality, durable products that generate lasting happy customers.

Upon registration below, you will be sent the reseller application. Please be aware that you will be asked to submit a valid state business license with your reseller application. Please register below if you are interested in becoming our strategic partner.

"Cannot begin to explain how special the Luggie made my trip. At the airport I was able to set up the scooter with no problem at all and was able to right up to the door of the plane. I was able to get to restaurants, a wedding and other parties with no trouble at all. It was the easiest trip I can remember since I became disabled after a surgery which left me unable to walk on my own. "
– Bernice Malkin

"As I am unable to walk very far, I regularly use mobility scooters to get around. 'The Luggie' proved invaluable, so easy to fold and fit into the luggage spaces on every kind of train, as well as for getting around hotels, tourist attractions, in and out of taxis. It is also much lighter than my other scooters for lifting, which means less strain for my wife when helping Me.
I have been amazed at the way my Luggie scooter performs on all kinds of terrain, up and down hills, around tight corners and in public places. "
- Digby Bradley

Before getting my Luggie, I basically became a shut-in, as my condition prevented me from doing even the most basic things. The Luggie not only looks good, but the fully adjustable and fluid hand controls and auto braking feature make it very easy to operate and navigate in tight spaces. It allows you to simply fold it up and store in thee trunk of any car, truck or SUV. …you have made me a customer for life!"
- Nick Yackanich