Ride with Confidence

Certified by FreeRider is the smartest way to own Luggie. Having our Certified ones, we cover full warranty like a new.

130+ inspection

Expertly Inspection

Every FreeRider Certified Scooter completes a rigorous refurbishment process that includes 130 checkpoints that meet the same functional standards as new FreeRider products, so you can be confident that you’re fully protected.

Our Certified comes from our showroom for display purposes.

Not the scooters from the trade-in because we don't get it back to resell it or rent it. Therefore, the Certified product is 100% not Pre-Owned, and the available models or colors are limited and may not match your wish. However, the warranty is 100% guaranteed by FreeRider USA.

Not pre-owned

Up to 60% OFF

Now you can own our Certified by FreeRider, enjoy distinctive features that fit your lifestyle, and experience the superior performance of our products. Plus, take advantage of worry-free ownership benefits on our certified scooters. That’s because each Certified by FreeRider scooter meets the strictest criteria and covering a full warranty.

One time free services at anytime

Get a one-time free of charge of in-factory service coverage whenever you'd like to replace the wear-and-tear items.

Effective on 2/1/2021. 

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