FR 168-4S vs Golden Companion 4

FreeRider's FR 168-4S sells for $2,499 and Golden Companion sells for $2,494 and both are 4-wheel full-size mobility scooters. How do the features spend smart

FR 168-4S

• Weight Cap: 350 lbs
• Top Speed: 5 mph
Turning Radius: 53"
Suspension: Yes, 4 units
Seat: Mid-Back 20*20

• Range Up to 20 miles w/ 50Ah batteries
• Battery Warranty: 13 months, MK insides

From $2,499 

Companion 4

• Weight Cap: 400 lbs
• Top Speed: 5.3 mph
• Turning Radius: 56"
• Suspension: N/A
• Seat: low-back, 18*20

• Range Up to 15 miles w/ 32Ah batteries
• Battery Warranty: Unknown, 12 months

From $2,494

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