Own it from Authorized

Guidance and support
Unauthorized dealers are ripping off our technology that can take years to develop and rigorously test. At FreeRider USA we’re aware that there are some unauthorized dealers to sell our products in the market. They’re not able to offer well-services and mislead consumers with wrong information about FreeRider’s products. They’ve not authorized dealers, so you may not get the correct information and use the products properly. There are also violate the price on their websites to get your attention. FreeRider USA has a zero-tolerance approach to violators, but it can take time for you to identify those online dealers, so please be alert.

How do I verify online or local dealer which is authorized?
The best way to ensure you’ve bought from authorized dealers is to check our website listing or contact our customer service team, who will help you to give you the confirmation to give you peace of mind to own FreeRider’s products. If you bought from unauthorized dealers, we will not be able to service your products or provide you with every program, which we support our authorized dealer’s consumers.

What’s FreeRider doing about violators and websites?
As a global company, FreeRider is committed to not only developing high-performing, high-quality and reliable equipment also providing consumers with a simple and secure experience when shopping online or at local dealers. FreeRider has programs in place to identify and remove unauthorized dealers on our website anytime to give customers confidence and security to buy our products.