In-Factory Services

Factory-trained technicians

With more than 25 years of professional experience in manufacturing and troubleshooting, and training and our ongoing commitment to providing the highest quality products, supported by our dedicated after-sales care, you can be sure of a service that is second to none. When your scooter is damaged or disabled, don't panic. Let our factory-trained technicians get your back up and running.


We're in Southern California, so bring it into us. Over 3000 replacements are in our warehouse, so you can get it done on the same day.


Let FreeRider fix your FreeRider. Get the service tag number before shipping it in.

Never overpaying services

Factory-trained tech services your mobility equipment,
and warranty full year on the parts you replace.

Electronic Repair / $125

main cable, top console, controller card

Mechanical Repair/$185

Seat jammed, trigger, bearing or tiller

Tire Replacement/ $60

$60/tire; less than 4 unit charge additional $18

Powertrain Replacement/ $240

motor, brake, or transaxle

Battery Replacement/$0

Take your replacement in, we replace for free

Services & Conditions

*This service is available to customers who purchased eligible models from our authorized dealers only. If you decline the repair of your product, you are still responsible for return shipping charges. Repaired products not paid for within 7 days of first notification may be resold as an unclaimed repair.