Get a Luggie Plus, dangerous minus 

Design for outdoor and perfect for indoor
Whether you’re taking a road trip or a refined city ride, our elegantly Luggie Plus collection is detailed with luxury, innovation, safety, and a commanding view of the road.

Fit your arms

The angle-adjustable tiller  assists you to accessthe scooter easily and ride more comfortably.

Fit your space

The height-adjustable tiller helps you get closer to the table while having a meal or writing your paper. You do not need to change your riding position.

The range of the tiller height is 27" ~40" from the ground.

Fit your legs

Change your seat height without tools

Seat base would be 20" or 22" to the ground.

Ergonomics for your legs

Ride Luggie comfortably, contour front chassis cover helps reduce pressure and fatigue.

Even the little things are big matters

So, every part of Luggie and Luggie Plus is powerful, practical, and beautiful.

Rear battery Slot

Dirty shoes will not ruin your battery by our thoughtful rear battery slot design

Upright folding

storage vertically

Auto retractable bumper

The rear bumper is auto retratable.

Get to know Luggie Plus

Luggie Plus has evolved into modern luxury with heavy-duty weight capacity, advanced turning radius, and folding features to accommodate gear for any adventure, exclusive comfort features, and dynamic driving abilities.

Lugge Plus 3

With its patented Smart-Turn and Omni suspension, the Luggie Plus 3 gives you confidence while making an emergency swerve and reducing the turning radius to 37". Luggie Plus is ready for the toughest challenges. 

• Folding Variation
• Omni Suspension
• Turning Radius 37"

Luggie Plus 4

Luggie Plus 4 overcame the turning radius of 4-wheel mobility scooters. World's smallest turning radius in its 4-wheel class: 36"

• Flat Folding
• Coil Suspension
• Turning Radius 36" 

Luggie Plus lineup

Luggie is the best folding scooter with variants folding and more...
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Luggie Elite Plus 3

Build-in an Omni suspension and patented smart turn.

Starting at $3,689  or $94/ mo

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Luggie Super Plus 3

Build-in an Omni-Suspension and a patented smart turn.

Starting at $4,389 or $112/ mo

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Luggie Elite Plus 4 

World's smallest turning radius in its 4-wheel class.

Starting at $3,789 or $99/mo

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Luggie Super Plus 4

World's smallest turning radius in its 4-wheel class also comes with the world's largest weight capacity: 360lbs.

Starting at $4,489 or $114/ mo 

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